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Animated Stage Diagram Template For PowerPoint

A process, timeline, or concept can be better described before an audience by using a diagram that consist of stages. While making one on your own might not be all that easy, you can always use stage diagram templates for PowerPoint to map out your diagram. The Diagram Levels Toolkit for PowerPoint is an animated […]

Animated Modern Design PowerPoint Template

Modern designs have made website layouts more interesting. But it’s not just websites but a variety of other platforms, such as mobile and desktop apps and operating systems which are making use of the so called ‘Modern design’.

Free New Year PowerPoint Templates

When making an official report in January or an academic presentation right after or before the holiday season, adding a bit of holiday cheer is important. Many presenters during and right after the holiday season use New Year themed templates. If you are looking for a Free New Year PowerPoint Template, then you have come […]

Animated Education PowerPoint Template

The Animated Education PowerPoint Template provides animations of apples that join together with the integration of puzzle pieces.

Systems Engineering V Model Diagram Template For PowerPoint

Systems Engineering V Model diagrams can be helpful in presenting project workflow. The template we are going to explore in this post is an animated PowerPoint template which can be used for making systems engineering diagrams using the V Model approach.

Animated Stacked Diagram Template For PowerPoint

Explaining a stacked diagram to an audience can be a nightmare. The textboxes tied to each stack can overlap and it might not be possible to chip in relevant information in each text box due to space constraints. The Animated Stacked Diagram Template for PowerPoint can be used to prevent such a fix! The template […]

Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates

Chalkboard themed templates can be ideal for delivering class lectures and making educational presentations or e-learning courses. If you need a nice chalkboard slide design for your next presentation, then here are some Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates for you.

Animated Medicine And Health PowerPoint Templates

Medical and health related presentation templates are hard to find. Even harder to find are medical templates that come with animations. If you need a template related to medicine or health, then see our below compilation of Animated Medicine and Health PowerPoint Templates.

Animated Road PowerPoint Template

The Road Information Toolkit by Presenter Media is a highly customizable road design template which can be used for making any topic that resonates with roads, traffic, driving, etc. You can also use this animated road PowerPoint template for making presentations with diagrams depicting timelines, roadmaps or to use traffic in a symbolic manner to […]

Interactive Bingo PowerPoint Template

Want to organize a game of Bingo for family, friends or colleagues? The Interactive Bingo PowerPoint Template has been expertly designed to enable users to play a game of Bingo using interactive PowerPoint slides.

In The Spotlight Animated PowerPoint Template

Sometimes it’s important to highlight certain parts of a topic during a presentation by using methods which can help highlight key points. In The Spotlight Animated PowerPoint Template can help you do just that. This multi-purpose animated template for PowerPoint provides spotlight animations, where key parts of your content can be highlighted with the aid […]

Animated Telecom & Communication PowerPoint Templates

Communication and telecom presentation templates are hard to find. Even the available ones lack a lot of important aspects like useful clipart images, diagram layouts, maps, etc. These elements can be essential in presenting important communication related details to an audience and not having them in a single template might mean spending hours looking for […]