Identity theft has become a common occurrence in the wake of a wide array of Internet connected devices that now affect our daily lives. For presenters looking to make a presentation about cybercrimes like identity theft, the Animated Identity Theft PowerPoint Template can be a good template to create a professional slide deck.

Animated Cybercrime Themed Slides

The animated template provides slides, which can help you make good use of sample illustrations to create a presentation about identity theft. The title slide shows a cybercriminal, illustrating the identity theft. You can also use this template for other topics associated with cybercrimes, such as malware, data security and the need for corporate data protection, etc.

Animated Identity Theft PowerPoint Template for presentations
Identity Theft PowerPoint template design for presentations

Cybercrime Infographics

There are a number of infographic layouts which can be edited for representing sequential information in an easy to grasp format. You can also customize these slides by dragging objects around.

Cybercrime Infographics

Data Security Illustrations

There are a number of very useful illustrations that can be symbolically used for various types of cybercrimes, such as phishing scams, data breach, malware, biometric data protection and the like.

Data Security Slide

Wide Range of Unique Layouts for Presentations

With the wide range of slide layouts given in this template, you can easily create slides around cybercrime related topics by simply adding text to animated slides. This can be a great way of adding visuals to your ideas without spending hours looking for the right images. This is because this template gives more than a dozen slides with unique, editable illustrations and slides which come with embedded animations to help you make a professional presentation in no time.

Wide Range of Unique Layouts

This is a premium template which can be downloaded from the developer’s website via the link below. The product page of the template also provides a preview for all sample slides.

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