If you work in the communications department of an organization, are a social media manager or manage at least one social media account as a part of your job, you need to probably present metrics periodically. Sometimes, the metrics are really positive but making them look good requires some hard work. You can skip the part where you need to do the heavy lifting by using slide decks like the Animated Social Media PowerPoint Template.

Animated social media PowerPoint template

Make Your Social Media Metrics Look Good

With this social media themed template, you get all the major icons for popular platforms, as well as some interesting layouts to show your metrics. You can showcase your insights, forecasts and user engagement using readymade layouts.


Social media trends in PowerPoint

Create Custom Charts, Diagrams and Infographics

The sample layouts can also be used to create timelines, infographics and other types of slide content such as custom charts and diagrams. There are a number of interesting slides to show your trends including editable charts. These charts can be edited by changing the content within placeholders and by arranging the objects according to your social media trends. There are some instructions at the end of the deck to help end users edit the animated slides.

Social media puzzle

There is even a slide for making comparisons for various social media channels. This layout might be useful for arranging the various trends side by side to show which platform might be performing the best for your organization.


Social media comparison slide

Innovative Social Media Layouts

Some of the layouts are quite innovative. You can easily adapt them for a wide range of social media related topics with ease. The editability of individual elements also leaves a lot of room for customization and adjusting the slides to your branding needs.

Social media infographic slide

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