A company requires going through various phases of intervention and planning to launch a product, sustain market share and make a profit. This includes; planning, marketing, brainstorming, setting project timelines, etc. The Animated Business Excellence PowerPoint Template depicts all these phases in the form of animated PowerPoint slides.

Discuss Planning and Brainstorming

With this template you can create presentations using the 12 sample slides that depict various steps related to the various phases that a business must go through. The title slide is minimalist, yet eye-catching enough for you to set the grounds for your presentation topic. The following two slides are meant for discussing planning, and brainstorming.

Innovation, Design and Production

Innovation makes up for a major part of how a business can succeed in capturing a new market or retaining the existing market segment. This is why there is also a slide dedicated to innovation. This slide comes right after the brainstorming slide.

You can further discuss the design and production stage in the slides ahead, with the help of illustrations that can be symbolic for the topic at hand. There are various clipart images across this template which can be quite useful for illustrating different concepts. You can even edit these clipart images and copy them to other slides.

Marketing, Distribution and Feedback

The next three slides provide layouts for discussing marketing, distribution channels for a product, and Retail Customer Feedback Software.

In the slide that follows, there is a sample diagram about the core values of the organization. This is a fully editable diagram. You can even change the diagram colors and design directly in PowerPoint.

The final content slide in the deck can be used for discussing achievements. These might include the achievements of an employee or the company as a whole. Other than content slides, the template also offers slides with instructions regarding editing the template. These slides are located at the end of the deck.

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