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Control Android From PC Or Mac With AirDroid

There are many useful apps at the Google Play Store which convert Android devices into presentation remotes. Some apps like AIO Remote even go further and enable end users to turn their Android devices into anything from a gaming pad to a fully functional remote for controlling their PC. However, sometimes you might require doing […]

Best PowerPoint Remote Apps For Android

PowerPoint remotes have been around for quite some time. The conventional presentation remotes usually cost anything around $10 to $70 or so. However, by using free Android apps you can not only save yourself the cost of buying a presentation remote but also get some nifty features which may help you use PowerPoint features remotely […]

5 Best Android Apps For Business Presentations

There are more Office apps at the Google Play Store for Android than there are for desktop platforms. Unlike operating systems like Windows or Mac, there have been a plethora of developers trying to cash in the need for making presentations, spreadsheets and text base documents on Android devices. However, despite the variety of Office […]

SlideIdea: Create Attractive iPad Presentations With SlideCasts

People have been waiting for PowerPoint on mobile devices for so long that by the time the mobile apps were released, there were already tons of better apps available. Moreover, the mobile apps for PowerPoint were anything but what users had expected. The most common viable alternative seems to be Keynote or is it?

Animated Electronic Signature Template For PowerPoint

The Animated Electronic Signature Template for PowerPoint provides slides depicting an electronic signature being unlocked with a finger swipe. The template provides animations, clipart and a variety of useful layouts suitable for making presentations related to technology, electronic signature verification, BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, etc.

A Sneak Peek into Android Lollipop

There has been a lot of hustle bustle about Android’s new Lollipop OS ever since it was officially announced. Google announced a complete overhaul of some of the features that were present in the previous versions of the Android OS while also adding some amazing new features to let users feel the change.

Best Tablets For PowerPoint Presentations

It’s raining tabs! Whether you prefer a Samsung, a Toshiba, Dell, Sony, BlackBerry, Asus or Amazon; we all know that most of them have almost the same specifications!

Managing Your Business Using iPad

iPad is not just for entertainment purposes. There are a plenty of accessories and applications available that can make it perfect for business too. It can become as productive as laptop if you connect a wireless keyboard to it. The availability of a broad collection of applications makes it as productive as any desktop computer.

5 Tips For Presenting A Successful Presentation On iPad

As life moves to the fast lane it becomes difficult to manage everything and juggle between professional and personal commitments. For individuals that are travelling most part of the week portability is somewhat of a must have, be it a client meeting or a sales chat it is essential to have a device that allows […]

Best Presentation Apps For iPad

The iPad is a great piece of technology and has a massive fan following, like any other Apple product. Although the product has a great configuration but most users have always been complaining about the lack of utility applications that enable inter platform interactions. For example making use of an iPad to deliver presentations used […]

Showpad: Mobile Sales Enablement Platform For iPad And Android

Giving your team a bunch of papers to carry out regular sales related activities seems too cumbersome and in some cases, impossible due to the changing nature of technology. Showpad is a web based platform and mobile app which provides a comprehensive set of options for providing relevant information to your sales staff in downloadable […]

How To Record PowerPoint Presentation On Android And Upload It To YouTube

With the introduction of various Office apps, it has become quite easy to view, edit and even create PowerPoint Presentations on Android. In fact, there is a lot more that users can now do with PowerPoint presentations on Android devices than ever before. If you wish to record PowerPoint presentation on Android and upload it […]