There has been a lot of hustle bustle about Android’s new Lollipop OS ever since it was officially announced. Google announced a complete overhaul of some of the features that were present in the previous versions of the Android OS while also adding some amazing new features to let users feel the change.

A sneak peek into Android Lollipop

One thing is certain that Google has upped its game with Android Lollipop and users are more than eager to get their share of this new and amazing OS. Here we are giving you a sneak peek into Android Lollipop and what Google has in store for users.

Fresh Design

Android Lollipop brings a whole new interface design. The Soft keys have been changed to a cleaner version of the same. A triangle replaces the back key, a circle for the home button, and a simple square for the multitasking menu. Apart from this the new material design concept is truly visible in the new people and phone dialer app, which boasts a slicker version of animations and colors.

More Power To Users

Google is all about users now and this is easily visible in the Android Lollipop. Google has given more emphasis on apps and structures that allow users to have a better Android experience. Be it the new Android Beam for easy sharing of apps and data or the easy to utilize notifications toggle that is available as floating cards on the screen instead of the slide down menu in the previous version. This allows you to continue doing what you are doing and respond to the notification if you want to without having to quit the app that you are working on.

ART Runtime

Google has finally shifted to using the ART runtime as its default engine instead of using Dalvik for the same. ART allows for a better battery life and enhances performance of the device. Android Lollipop also supports 64-bit architectures and this allows for a wider horizon of apps for Android.

All in all Android Lollipop is a sweet addition to the legacy of Android systems and will make things better than ever for users.