iPad is not just for entertainment purposes. There are a plenty of accessories and applications available that can make it perfect for business too. It can become as productive as laptop if you connect a wireless keyboard to it. The availability of a broad collection of applications makes it as productive as any desktop computer.

Managing your business using iPad


Here are some things that can help in managing your business using iPad:

It has been noticed that majority of business entrepreneurs go for a tablet for business purpose because of its portability, affordability and ease of use. But the functionality of a touch screen slate lacks. So, in order to enhance the functionality, various accessories are available in the market.

Stylus: It is very helpful that lets you draw diagrams and charts and even take notes on the go. You can buy a variety of them available.

Keyboard: Different kinds of wireless keyboards are available that makes Apple iPad and iPad mini as productive as a laptop too.


Case: A folio case can be purchased to keep iPad and keyboard together. Cases with built-in kickstands are best to buy.

Apart from these accessories, there are various applications available that can help creating and editing the official documents. Although Microsoft Office can’t be accessed on iPad but there are numerous other applications that will let you create spreadsheets, presentations and some other text documents.

iWork: It is an application that includes Pages Word Processor, Keynote Presentation Maker and Numbers Spreadsheet Editor. These are absolutely integrated with Apple’s iCloud online storage platform that helps accessing your documents with any web-connected device.

Google Drive: You can even access Google’s online office suite which is available as an application for iOS. It comprises of three applications such as Docs for editing documents, Slides for making presentations and Sheets for creating spreadsheets.

Sign in at Google Account is required to upload and access the documents on the cloud.

You can even replace your old traditional notepad with the latest and stylish iPad. OneNote and Evernote are highly used applications for taking notes in iPads. These can be synched perfectly with cloud storage and can be accessed anywhere on any internet connected device.

Managing finances has also become very convenient with the availability of applications like Quickbooks and Kashoo on you iPad. Apart from these, Doodle and GoToMeeting are the applications that let maintain and schedule meetings.