The iPad is a great piece of technology and has a massive fan following, like any other Apple product. Although the product has a great configuration but most users have always been complaining about the lack of utility applications that enable inter platform interactions. For example making use of an iPad to deliver presentations used to be a tedious task but not anymore.

Best presentation apps for ipad


Here is a list of the best presentation apps for iPad


One of the most amazing applications for the iOS based platform, Keynote is the default application when it comes to creating presentations using the iPad. The interface is amazing and the ease of operability makes it heaven for users, although users having a fixation of Microsoft PowerPoint might need some time to adjust to this application but once they do they will fall head over heels for this one.

Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

A one of its kind application that allows the usage of all the features of the Microsoft PowerPoint on the iPad. What makes it one of a kind? Well the fact that it’s an official Microsoft application that is designed specifically for the iOS platform. Microsoft junkies here you go!

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a simple and effective application that can blow your mind. Although the application lacks some of the functions offered by high end applications but the simple and effective interface makes up for it all. The application offers a multitude of themes and templates that makes the presentation creation process effective and well managed


Slide Shark

One of the most amazing ways to present PDFs, HTML5 documents, and share slides using the internet, Slide Shark allows users to present on the go and share quickly and effectively. The best part about the application is that it doesn’t fiddle with the fonts and other components of the slides and files.

Power Presenter

This application is the thing when it comes to synchronizing your iPad with an Apple T.V. or a common presenter. Power Presenter provides users with a superb and simple interface that makes synchronization a walk in the park.