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What is a Keynote Speech?

When you’re in a gathering, a conference, or any other business event, you may notice that there is always someone to talk at length somewhere at the beginning. This person is called a keynote speaker. However, not everyone really knows what a keynote speaker is, and how it is defined against all other types of […]

Battling Social Stigma Using The Power Of Persuasive Speech

The word stigma is a broad term that is used to describe the stereotypical attitudes and opinions that people have towards people suffering from a mental or physical illness. Although not apparent enough majority of the people in the world are opinionated negatively towards people with an illness such as HIV AIDS along with a […]

Powerful Speeches: The Voice To A Cause

Every cause has an agenda and the success of that cause rests heavily on how the individuals associated with the cause put forth their point. A cause needs representation, a voice that echoes through the lands and leaves a mark on the masses, make them connect with it and propel the cause to greater heights […]

Engaging Speeches For Maximum Audience Participation

In order to make a presentation or give a speech a person needs to bear in mind the kind of audience that he is catering to and the level to which they know about the topic of discussion for that day. To make a 90 minute presentation follow through smoothly the audience needs to be […]

Make Your Audience Connect With Your Speech With An Effective Presentation

A few years back, at the time of delivering a speech, no presentations were used. However, nowadays while delivering a speech, a PowerPoint Presentation is often used. In fact, these days it has become very important to create a presentation to make people listen to your speech.

Biggest Mistakes Seasoned Orators Make

There are some really great speakers out there, speakers that have been motivating and initiating action amongst people for a long time. We can all agree on one thing that the level of confidence that we possess increases with every speech that we deliver and soon before we know this confidence starts to go a […]

Bringing Your Presentations To An Amazing Closure

Have you been leaving the ending of your presentation to chance? If yes, then there is a good chance that your presentation ends like a car without gas! The sputter of an abrupt ending is often the one thing that detracts from the speech that one has so cautiously prepared.

Mastering The Art Of Delivering A Technical Speech

As we all are very well aware of the fact that technical presentations are quite boring for almost every person and it is a bit difficult to make them interesting. Sometimes, people get irritated and walk out while the presentation is going on, especially during technical speeches. So, it becomes really important to master the […]

Sell An Idea: Get That Pitch Right!

An entrepreneur, a writer, a manager, no matter what field of work you are in you will always need to sell. Even in the general everyday aspect of life it is extremely vital that a man sells an idea in order to convince someone to buy it. Despite having a large number of ideas that […]

Despicable Habits Of Seasoned Speakers

No matter what your field, experience does play a crucial role in bringing you that taste of success. For a public speaker, there are many obstacles such as stage fright and awkward body language that are completely omitted only after thorough practice, usually with experience. But there is also a downside to all this experience.

Deliver Persuasive Public Speeches To Develop Leadership Skills

In order to develop your leadership skills, you need to deliver persuasive speeches in public. This is one of the most common things that most people have a fear of. But if we take a look in the past, people with amazing leadership skills were amongst the top public speakers all across the world. For […]

Qualities That Assure Your Speech Will Be Heard

You spend hours to prepare a speech but what if your audience cannot hear it? Like every person, you will also be disappointed a lot. No one would want their hard work to go to waste and that is why it is very important to make sure that your audience not only listens to your […]