In order to make a presentation or give a speech a person needs to bear in mind the kind of audience that he is catering to and the level to which they know about the topic of discussion for that day. To make a 90 minute presentation follow through smoothly the audience needs to be fully involved in the presentation to make it a successful one.

engaging speech for your audience


Making a speech audience friendly is perhaps one of the simplest things one can come across, but its execution must be done with utmost expertise. Here are a few things you can do to try to make sure there is maximum audience participation:

Assign Classwork

This means you need to do your homework very well. Break out into an activity by pausing the speech for a while, most definitely the activity needs to have an outcome that is somehow related to the speech, this allows you and the audience to enjoy a little while understanding the speech by practical application.

Prepare for Participation

Know what kind of setting would you like your audience to sit in whether you would like the conventional rows or a circle in which people can face each other and have maximum engagement. Preparing a room will give you an idea of how you are going to execute the whole speech.

Tell Anecdotes

It is always an important thing to do in a presentation, talk about small instances that took place and their outcomes, they are best told with an underlying match to the speech and even when they are personal anecdotes.


Be a Comedian

Don’t take the phrase literally; the idea is to be a comedian of sorts! People love to laugh and trust a person who can make them smile. Include a few lighthearted comments here and there and watch how your audience will love to keep listening to you.

Take Yourself Lightly

Learn to laugh at yourself; people will love to hear someone who isn’t full of themselves talk. When you right your speech don’t make it into a self-centered thing, keep it towards the audience so that there is some give in your speech.