Have you been leaving the ending of your presentation to chance? If yes, then there is a good chance that your presentation ends like a car without gas! The sputter of an abrupt ending is often the one thing that detracts from the speech that one has so cautiously prepared.

bringing your speech to closure


The conclusion of any speech or presentation is the last nail in the coffin that can make or break your entire effort. So here are some things that you can try to make your speech or presentations come to an amazing closure.

A Cartoon

Yes! Make a visual that is not only humorous but also highly witty on screen and see how that will elucidate your message to the audience. A cartoon that is perhaps a metamorphic representation of the topic that is being discussed will make the perfect recipe for an ending that will not cease to amaze.

A Provocative Question

The human mind is both “old” and “new”. The old mind is what runs of instinct and the new mind allows us to break the shekels off and question. Ending your speech with a question that is a touchy subject in the people’s lives is surely going to grab quick attention as the audience will begin to ponder over the answer.

An Unusual Quote

An unusual quote in the end is a simple and powerful way to end a speech, make sure that you come up with something relevant to the topic and then just slip it out there and see it work its magic no matter how clichéd it may be considered, a quote is a quote!


A Touch of Humility

It is always better to show a touch of humility at the end of every presentation especially in the ones in which you have taken up a very compelling point. Everyone likes to show off about their own achievements but only a few are humble enough to acknowledge other people.

A Powerful Visual

There isn’t a limit to pushing the fact about how important an impact a visual that is powerful can make on the audience. The human brain is used to processing and understanding images more than the average texts. Bring your presentation to a closure with an image that speaks louder than words in to have an impactful finish.