Public speaking requires not only confidence but also the right pitch and volume. You can give your PowerPoint presentation or impromptu speech the right tone by practicing your public speaking skills. And we nowadays have various tools which can help us fine tune our skills, such as the Voice Analyst app. This mobile app can help you improve your pitch and volume for public speaking with pitch detection algorithms.

Award Winning App with Vocal Pitch Detection Algorithms

Voice Analyst is a mobile app by Speech Tools, which provides various apps to help people improve their speech. Voice Analyst is available for Android and iOS. The app was the winner of the Medilink South West award for Digital Health and it is one of the voice tools apps available in the market.

The app comes with vocal pitch detection algorithms which can optimize your speech according to the optimum capability of human hearing.

Improve Your Pitch and Volume for Public Speaking with Voice Analyst app
Voice Analyst App

Suitable for Presenters, People with Neurological Conditions & Medical Professionals

You can get started by recording your voice so that it can be analyzed. The app allows setting pitch and volume-based targets to enable users to optimize their public speaking skills. By analyzing your voice, setting targets and practicing your pitch and volume, you can improve your speech in order to optimize your voice in a manner that it is clearly understood by other people.

The app can also be useful for language therapists, performers, trainers, teachers and people with neurological conditions, muscle tension dysphonia and vocal fold palsy. For example, EMDR professionals can use this voice tool app to record the patient voice and analyze it.

record and analyze voice

Save Voice Recordings on Folders & in the Cloud

As with other online voice recorder tools, you can organize your voice recordings in folders with cloud-based support for famous platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Save voice recordings to the cloud after analyzing them with Voice Analyst tool

How to Improve Your Pitch and Volume for Public Speaking with Voice Analyst

Below is a video demo for Voice Analyst which shows the basic functions of the app.


You can download this app for iOS (version 11 or later) and Android (version 4.4 or later).