Have you ever been to a seminar or presentation where the speaker was so eloquent that you felt uplifted some way or the other with his style of presentation? Possibly not or may be only a counted few have got this opportunity! But, then this is what defines perfect stage presence. I guess Winston Churchill fits perfectly into that space. Such an influential orator he was, that you could barely miss a beat when he used to speak.

However, not everyone is born with this talent of speaking so convincingly. In fact, there are many of us, for whom presenting to an audience is all about reading the text written on a piece of paper loudly. To add to it, they stand still with a baggage of under-confidence. What’s more, if at any point a question is ever raised to them, their anxiety levels know no bounds. But then, nobody remembers such speakers, which is itself a bitter truth.


stage presence

Now, is there anyone of you who would like to fall into the league of those easily forgettable speakers? If not, then it’s time you learn how to be a good speaker. But before that you need to equip yourself with the foremost quality of a presenter having charismatic stage presence! So, here are a few tips to create a scintillating stage presence.

Lack Confidence? Fake it!

Shy people or those who are a bit introvert types fear being in front of a crowd, but then that cannot stop them from being worthy speakers. Just a little practice is needed to look confident even when there is dearth of it. For this, let stage fright be your strength and avoid long pauses whenever feeling nervous.

Stay Tuned with the Audience

Being present on stage actually implies at interacting with the audience and keeping up their interest levels high. So, make it a two-way process by interacting with the audience, raising queries and responding to their feedback. It does not only make your presence felt, but also hints at your competence levels.


Stop Yelling at Crowd with Those Crutch Words

Being a charismatic speaker does not entitle you with the right to yell at your audience for their participation or to scream out loud your opinions. It’s simply the presentation of your ideas in a fascinating manner so that audience’s eyes remained glued till the time you are on stage.

Speaking publicly does not get its worth, unless the audience is left asking for more. Thus, be natural, speak from your heart and don’t let your nervousness bother you from being the best you can.