An entrepreneur, a writer, a manager, no matter what field of work you are in you will always need to sell. Even in the general everyday aspect of life it is extremely vital that a man sells an idea in order to convince someone to buy it. Despite having a large number of ideas that we can sell, doing so successfully is where we all falter, a good idea is simply not good enough without you having to sell it.

sell your idea


Focus On How You Say and What You Say

The way you speak should mark the foundation of your speech. No matter how fancy the speech is and how much effort you have put in to write that speech, without your confidence and the right body language the grandeur of the speech is lost. Even if there is a man who doesn’t speak in English sitting in the same room as you, he still needs to feel your confidence ooze out, for you to be able to sell an idea.

Get in Zone

Feel positive! Let the adrenaline rush through your body and get ready to deliver a killer speech! Derive inspiration from the audience only to get them inspired more in return. Visualize peoples’ goals and aspirations and use them to make your appeal stronger to sell an idea.

Emphasize the “Because”

If you want your investors to listen to your speech don’t keep rambling on about what you think should be done, include the “why” in everything you say. A study suggests that people like to know the reason behind something that has or is about to happen and increases the audience participation by a large percentage.

Don’t Shy Away from the Presentations

While the age old convention suggested that one must operate presentation templates in a dark room for a better viewing experience, new technology allows you to have the lights on while people can easily see the screen without any trouble. Now you have a great speech and amazing presentations to support it.


Handle the Q&A Like a Pro

At the end of the speech make keep some room for the clients to ask you questions. During this time do not get defensive even if you feel like you are being attacked. If you have done your homework well then you will have the answer to all their questions, look confident and answer all their queries with a smile even if they ask you something you have already spoken about.

Send a Thank You Note

Always send the investors a thank you note telling them how nice it was of them to take out time for you in their busy schedule. This works wonders!