While making a PowerPoint Presentation, one must consider making it the most attractive and appealing to the audience. Remember, it is to promote your business or services and the viewer must get convinced. People must receive a clear picture about your idea through that presentation and should not leave them confused.

make your presentation stand out


Here are five essential tips that must be given priority so as to make your presentation stand out.


Prior you initiate creating the PowerPoint presentation, you must have a clear image of what kind of product or services do you wish to promote. Depending on that, you need to decide on the color scheme, style of fonts as well as the kind of theme that would be the center of attraction for every person. You can make an effective use of the ones that are previously designed, available on the internet, or can even design one personally.

Color Scheme

It plays a vital role in making top presentations. The color scheme should be something that goes with your branding. Some professionals consider choosing the same as it is on their existing website or across their profiles. No matter, whatever color scheme you choose for your presentation, always remember that the graphics, images and text must be conveniently readable to the viewers.

Background Image

Different background styles are available like textures, patterns and images that can be integrated to the slides in the presentation. These let your presentation stand out but remember that it should not affect the visibility of the graphics or texts inserted in the slides. A professional always recommend making use of translucent or faded watermark or even transparent backgrounds.



An appropriate font can be selected based on different criteria. Firstly, it has to be visible clearly to the audience and must go with the tone of the presentation. Generally, Calibri or Arial fonts are preferred for a professional presentation but people have also started considering Comic Sans these days. Fonts must be considered very carefully.

Save Your Theme for Future

If your created PowerPoint presentation makes a success, you must consider saving it for the future presentations too. It will help you in a great way to make similar presentations.