The worst moment for any speaker is when they notice their audience not paying attention to their speech! This shows that as a speaker you have failed to keep your audience captivated and glued to what you say.

Consider the great orators of this century and in the past; they had a certain charm about them that kept the people listening to them on the very edge of their seats! They were somehow able to capture the attention of their audience. And you can do that too! All what it takes is just a bit of practice!


capture the attention of your audience

Here are a few innovative ideas that can help you to capture the attention of your audience:

Start With a Bang

The start of any great speech or presentation should be appealing enough to ignite the interest of listeners. So make your opening lines and paragraphs interesting so that they arouse the curiosity of your audience. This also depends upon the audience as well because geopolitical topics aren’t going to interest teenagers and latest music trends aren’t going to appeal to a more mature audience. So don’t start with a whimper, start with a bang!

Make it About Your Audience

After a powerful opening and capturing the attention of your listeners, your next goal is to keep that attention captured. And if you make your speech about them then you will have that attention! So that means talking more about them, about their problems, what affects them, their dreams and aspirations! And if you do that you’ll have their attention.


Be Specific

No one has enough time that they would want to listen to you beat around the bush! So that means get to the point sooner. Don’t keep on talking about things that don’t matter! Because the sooner you get to the message of your speech the faster you will be able to capture the attention of your audience.

Keep Your Speech Interactive

To make your speech interesting and to capture the attention of your audience, you have to make your speech interactive! This means you have to constantly keep your audience engaged! It’s easier to persuade an active audience. So you can tell them stories or you can even challenge them but the main idea is to the speech interactive!