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SlideIdea: Create Attractive iPad Presentations With SlideCasts

People have been waiting for PowerPoint on mobile devices for so long that by the time the mobile apps were released, there were already tons of better apps available. Moreover, the mobile apps for PowerPoint were anything but what users had expected. The most common viable alternative seems to be Keynote or is it?

How To Recover Corrupt PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint has become one of the top trending applications not only for business but for various other purposes too. Regardless of its efficiency, there may be times when you might seek some solutions to recover the corrupted PowerPoint files.

Construction Template For PowerPoint With Video Animation

It’s quite rare to find a well-crafted presentation template on topics related to repair and construction. This is why one might have to go through professional help or hours of work to create a nice presentation for a construction project or repair service, to impress customers. However, with the help of animated templates, you can […]

A Lively Presentation To Rejoice Mothers Day!

Every time the term presentation crops up, we start associating it with businesses and high profile corporate meets. But this time around, let’s take a different turn. As the Mother’s Day is fast approaching, we thought that many of you will be searching ideas to surprise your Mother. If for some of us, its flowers […]

Can PowerPoint Presentation Help You in a Seminar?

If you understand the true meaning of seminar, you would know that it is much more than the textual knowledge. It is rather concerned with bringing up the latest advancements in the sphere being discussed for the seminar. Nowadays what is believed to facilitate a better impact for any seminar is a PowerPoint presentation.

Innovative Ideas To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience

The worst moment for any speaker is when they notice their audience not paying attention to their speech! This shows that as a speaker you have failed to keep your audience captivated and glued to what you say.

Simplifying Learning Through PowerPoint

Be it a young mind or an adult one, it is quite easy to get distracted during the course of sessions. If at some times the topic is boring then at the other instances, it is the style of speaker that can make the whole idea uninteresting. Whatsoever may be the case, but learning cannot […]

Best Free And Premium PowerPoint Timeline Templates

Back in the day making a PowerPoint timeline was quite a hassle, however, timelines in PowerPoint can now be easily created using the Office Timeline Add-in or with the help of readymade PowerPoint Timeline Templates.

5 Best Free PowerPoint Viewers

Many teachers nowadays use PowerPoint slides for lectures and to aid students. Some teachers even go as far as emailing study material and lecture slides as PPT or PPTX files. Similarly, some product manuals and instructions sent by senior management can also be in the form of PowerPoint, along with statistical data. However, not everyone […]

5 Ways To Make A Boring PPT Look Interesting

For an audience, there is nothing worse than being forced to sit through a boring PowerPoint Presentation. However, advancements in technology are allowing professionals and students to make presentations more effective and engaging.

Animated Molecules PowerPoint Template

Business and science based presentations both often require the demonstration of different groups working together. This can be simulated in the form of a network for easy comprehension by the audience, using appropriate templates. The below templates show a network of connected molecules, which can be used for different presentation topics for both professional and […]

5 Fantastic PowerPoint Ideas For Kids

Projects and presentations are a significant part of growing up. For kids, making a PowerPoint Presentation is a skill in itself. In today’s cut-throat competition, one is supposed to know everything of anything. From children’s point of view, the best part of PowerPoint is the drawing function which has some fantastic pictures that kids can […]