Presentation styles, techniques, technologies and even presenters are available in a variety; but when it comes to trying out some unique methods, people tend to get a little skeptical. Often they do not want to come out of their comfort zone and go for something new and others feel that they should stick to their genre. Presenting in a group is in trend especially in the sales sector, where skills vary and so does the responsibility. There are certain Group Presentation Dos and Don’ts that need to be taken care of.

Group Presentations

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Here are a few important points about Group Presentation Dos and Don’ts:

  • When finalizing the topic of the presentation, do take the consensus of all the members, they should all be well-informed on the basics at least.
  • Do not prepare separately, rather you can research on your own but practice together; it helps build up a rhythm in the demonstration skills and a rapport amongst the group members.
  • It is a group exhibition, so do take care of the time allotment. Although it is not a necessity that everyone should get the equal limit, yet it should be justifiably divided on the basis of the discussion’s requirements.
  • The audience gets confused and loses interest very easily; hence, do not make it too complicated for them to understand.
  • The introduction is to be given once, therefore do ensure that you have introduced the topic and everyone else in the group properly.
  • Do not start speaking on the topic immediately, that is the conventional style. Rather go for a more interactive session, there should be discussions within the group as well.
  • Do maintain the eye contact with the audience and be vigilant about the body language, even while you are not talking.
  • Do not be too artificial or typical; keep some space for variations and improvisations, even during the presentation.
  • Do make certain that you have selected a leader or an in charge in the group. His job is to carry-out the co-ordination within the group and also during the after presentation discussions with the audience.
  • Do not answer for all the questions as the group executive. You can direct the inquirer’s attention to the group member who is the expert of the topic.

Group presentations can be fun, if carried out with proper planning and proficiency. The above stated guidelines will help you plan, prepare and execute your demonstration without any hiccups.