When it comes to talk about Sales Presentation, well if presented in a proper way it can actually compel a customer to make buying decision instantly. The contemporary trends call for impressing the customer at the first go hence, it becomes imperative for a presenter to keep the audience focused throughout. When you deliver your message based on the listener’s expectations, then certainly you are on a right track.

Are you about to give a Boardroom Presentation? If so, then certainly it requires superior presentation skills to be successful when you present in the boardroom. If you want to be in management, no doubt you will have to feel the heat of Boardroom. You must have heard that women glow, men perspire and horses sweat. But in the Boardroom everyone who presents-sweats, sweats and sweats.


Sales Presentation and Boardroom Presentation, a Comparative Study

There are some huge differences between these two forms of Presentation and that you can easily come across in the below mentioned points that are here as under:


In a Boardroom Presentation, the presenters usually have weakest physical position on the table. Whereas in Sales Presentation you have the strongest position as you have responsibility to motivate an audience and guide them to make a final purchasing decision.


When you are delivering a Sales Presentation, you have to discuss the advantages of your products that your customers will get by using the product and service. Thus, you have to make connection with them by presenting all the details. In a Boardroom Presentation, there is no need of eye contact as no one going to face you while you are giving Presentation.


The moment you enter into the boardroom, beware that others are evaluating you the whole time. So, speak to everyone as it shows your confidence level. On the other hand, in a Sales Presentation you don’t have to talk to a number of people listening to your presentation.



In a Sales presentation, there is a S-S-S formula (State, Support and Summarize) that move your listeners to action. Further on, it enables you to achieve desired results in no time. But, in a Boardroom Presentation, you don’t have to persuade anyone to buy your product. As a result, it only relates to how you manage boardroom settings with professionalism and confidence.

By now, you must have understood that there is a huge difference between Boardroom and Sales presentation. So, now as you prepare a presentation to impress your boss or to earn the admiration of a client, make sure that you have practiced accordingly the presenting style too.