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Learn how to make effective PowerPoint presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote or other alternatives to presentation software and combining 2D and 3D graphics in your presentations or make animated presentations.

DAF Pro: App for People with Speech Impairment to Improve Presentation Skills

Many people who suffer from speech impairment consisting of articulation, voice and fluency disorders can improve their speech with a bit of practice. DAF Pro is a speech therapy app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android, which has been certified by speech and language therapy professionals for improving speech delivery.

How to Present Word Documents Online During Live Presentations

The Office Presentation Service enables presenters to broadcast Live PowerPoint slides via the Internet. The same service can also be used to present Word documents online during live presentations.

Animated Teamwork Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

Nothing works well in an organization if there is no teamwork. Many organizations spend a lot of money for conducting team building sessions which can be helpful in enhancing productivity, creating better understanding among employees and to phase out possible misunderstandings. If you require making a presentation related to teamwork, then here is a list […]

Content is King: How is it True For PowerPoint Presentations?

Presentations are a significant part of the competitive corporate world. Although the main motive behind creating a PowerPoint Presentation is to complement your oral address but the visual aesthetics cannot be denied in this context.

How To Create An Animated Bullet List in PowerPoint

A PowerPoint Presentation with animations is one of the best methods of making an effective presentation. For this purpose you can either use Animated PowerPoint Templates or add animations to individual slides on your own. Previously, we brought you the Best Ways Of Highlighting Key Points in PowerPoint Presentations. One of the given methods was […]

How To Keep To Time During PowerPoint Presentations?

Your ability to stick to the provided time for your presentation is counted as an added talent. In most cases people lose track of time once they start with their demonstration, which often extends long enough to leave little time for the final discussions. However, those individuals who know how to keep to time during […]

Techniques to Control Presentation Nerves

Do butterflies start attacking your stomach at the name of giving Presentations? Are you always afraid of facing the crowd at the back of your mind? Then certainly you are also under the effect of that so called stage fear. There are number of Techniques to Control Presentation Nerves which will ultimately enable you to […]

Biteslide: Create Engaging School Projects And Presentations

Getting children to engage in a collaborative project can become quite easy with the help of online services. Once such service is Biteslide, which is both simple and feature rich enough to help students and teachers create PowerPoint like slides online with multimedia content. Biteslide provides a canvas that can be used to create presentations, […]

Sync YouTube Videos With PowerPoint Presentations Using Zentation

Zentation is a web service which provides the option to combine videos and slides to create online presentations. Zentation can be useful for creating presentations with a video which may describe the content within slides, as well as for creating high quality e-learning tutorials, webinars, webcasts and the like. Zentation eliminates the need for installing […] Create Online Slides With Video Recording Of The Presenter

While there are many web services which make it possible to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online, many services do not allow adding a voice over or video recording. is a web service that not only enables users to upload their PowerPoint, Google Drive and PDF presentations online but also provides options to record […]

HelloSlide: Type To Generate Audio For Presentations And Share Them Online

HelloSlide is a web service which allows sharing PDF documents as online presentations with the option to type text for automatically generating audio for your slides. Using HelloSlide you can avoid going through hours of recording and editing for adding a voice over for your PowerPoint or PDF presentations. HelloSlide is not only useful for […]

SlideShark: View And Share PowerPoint Presentations On iPhone And iPad

SlideShark is a free iOS app which lets users view and share PowerPoint presentations using iPhone and iPad. While one can use web services like Google Drive to share and view presentations, the output is less than desirable. This is where SlideShark fills the void where a web service or simple presentation app might not […]