PowerPoints aren’t just for meetings. They are also a useful way to create and provide easy-to-understand reports, tutorials, infographics, and other business information. They can also be used as digital promos, portfolios, or slideshows. However you use a PowerPoint or other type of presentation beyond meetings, you should share them in order to get maximum value. 

Whether you use PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote, Google’s Slides, or another application for your presentations, they can be more than just a deck for in-office or Zoom shows.  For people with limited design skills or budgets, PowerPoint and similar tools also make a great way to create animations, make business presentations more interesting, and much more. 

Whatever you create, they can help promote your business or services, highlighting your offering in a highly visual form, or yourself as an impressive-looking resume or portfolio. So, here are some ways you can promote your PowerPoint to gain exposure and generate sales or a job.


1. Share a presentation on your website

Whether it’s a product roadmap, a collection of statistics, a business plan, or a pitch deck,  there will be plenty of reasons to share your PowerPoints and other presentations. Putting them prominently on your website is a better option than burying them on the About Us page, saving people from having to hunt for them. If you don’t have a website, you can easily create your website with WordPress. Do remember to make sure they are spell-checked, well designed, and use a strong layout to promote key messages for any document you plan to share. 

2. Add key PowerPoint presentations to your Email Signature

A key , but uncommon area to promote any content including a PowerPoint presentation is via  email signature. This is because if you send or reply to several emails every day, you will be able to generate a lot of attention to your presentation. There are two ways to add a presentation to your email signature. One is to link to a file they can download that you upload to a platform like AWS. While the other is to upload it to a platform like slideshare and then add the link to your signature. 

The key to get the most out of this technique is to use an email signature generator to create an aesthetic signature. You can add a call to action button with a unique color and copy that gets people to take action. Also try to add other details like your name, position, and headshot or logo design as these will definitely help you appear more credible. 

3. Share PowerPoint Presentations on Social Media, Reddit or LinkedIn Posts

If your PowerPoint is a key part of your business or personal profile then pin a link to it on your Twitter account so that everyone will see it and can engage with it. You might also want to share it in market-specific or relevant Reddit forums and on your LinkedIn profile to help spread the word about what you stand for, can do, and want to achieve. Afterward, partner with a LinkedIn lead gen agency to engage new leads.


4. Turn your PowerPoint Presentation into a Multimedia Video

If your PowerPoint presentation is an impressive-looking creation with strong visuals, animations, or use of motion, then you can turn it into an educational video. To do so in PowerPoint, go to the Export menu and choose create a Video. 

Check that each slide of the resulting file can be read comfortably (you can extend the reading time per page in the settings) and the quality is suitable for seeing the fine detail in all your graphics.

The resulting file can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, Vimeo, or other sharing sites. Choose a nice thumbnail when uploading it to Youtube, it will increase engagement. If you only want to share it with a limited audience, set it to Private and only let people with the link view the video. 

5. Make an eBook or brochure out of your presentation

Another way to repurpose PowerPoint content is to turn it into an ebook that people are more likely to read than “just another PowerPoint” or a brochure that helps highlight you or what your company does. For companies or individuals that cannot afford glossy brochures to be printed, turning a PowerPoint into one is a useful and pragmatic alternative. You can use this as a lead magnet as well to generate more leads.

6. Use Native App sharing features

Finally, the quickest way to deliver a PowerPoint to a specific set of people is to use the Share function built into Office or Office 365. This can provide viewing or editing rights to a list of people you specify, or you can copy and paste the direct link on your social media or other places for interested parties to view the original file. 

7. Share a Copy of your PowerPoint presentation with your Audience 

The easiest way for you to promote your presentation is by first sharing it with your audience.You can create a QR code that links to your presentation and place it on the last slide. Display it once you’re finished presenting.Those who liked your presentation and found it useful will surely scan the QR code and download it. This works especially well if you’re pitching something to a large audience and have limited time to get your points across.

Now go promote your PowerPoint Presentation

Even though PowerPoint is often ridiculed among the business community, it remains a powerful communication tool. And using those presentations or slides can help promote your business long after any show or event they were originally created for. 

Being creative with how you present and share those files, through services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on, can make a big difference. You can gain interest from prospects, and people engaged with whatever business or project you are in.