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Giving A Farewell Speech At Your Workplace

Bidding farewell is always a difficult task, a rush of emotions and thoughts clouds your mind and you tend to blurt out things that you might regret. In a professional environment farewells are more of a way to say thank you as well as keeping things cordial while you are moving on in your career.

Bidding Adieu To Your Job With A Memorable Retirement Speech

When the time of retirement comes, most of us are phased with mixed emotions. If some of us are excited about beginning of a new phase of life, then there are those who may be feeling terrible somewhere down the line, about the ending of a long cherished professional career. In the middle of all […]

Presenting A Successful Military Speech

Delivering a speech is no easy task, for most of us fear public speaking. It is but understandable because it is a talent possessed only by a few. But that does not mean it has to remain this way. Yes, with thorough determination and practice this skill for influential public speaking can be developed by […]

7 Easy Steps To Prepare A Military Retirement Speech

Military retirements are the long-established occasions that are purposely organized to recognize people who dedicated their lives to the service of their nation. It gives retiree an opportunity to leave some lasting impression of his/her personality, with a memorable military retirement speech. Therefore, one will absolutely wish to present a speech that gets all the […]