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Generate Custom PowerPoint Graphics With Custom Expressions Template

You might have seen animated advertisement videos on YouTube that are made entirely using comic book style characters and animations. Such videos are usually created with the help of easy to use web services like PowToon. However, you can also create similar looking characters and scenes in the form of PowerPoint slides by using the […]

Animated Target Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Hitting the target can signify reaching a quarterly goal, winning a sports competition, reaching an academic plan or depicting other forms of achievement. You can use appropriate PowerPoint Templates to present your topic with the help of animations about hitting the target or the bull’s eye.

Animated Office Staff PowerPoint Templates

Presentations that can unconventionally reach out the audience can be quite successful. Making the audience feel that they are a part of your subject can leave a positive impact and help you gain more attention, to achieve desired results. Whether you are a manager, director, CEO or an employee down the organizational ladder; depicting office […]

Animated Coffee And Relaxing Break PowerPoint Templates

Whether you are making a presentation about tourism or wish to create slides that will play at the entrance of your travel agency, displaying relaxing imagery can always have a positive effect on your audience. Moreover, one often requires clipart and slides for announcing mid-presentation breaks. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some interesting […]

Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Templates

Encouraging teamwork at the workplace can make the most hostile employees change their attitude; to work towards desired goals. Sometimes differences at the workplace are a product of lack of supervision or contact between the higher management and employees down the order, however, a simple team building session can bring out the most creative and […]

Awesome Animated Business PowerPoint Templates

Tired of the same old dull and boring business templates for PowerPoint? It’s time you tried something fresh and awesome. Below is a compilation of some Awesome Animated Business PowerPoint Templates that can help you create any type of business presentation in a matter of just a few minutes.

Make Service Presentations With Animated Fix Up PowerPoint Template

Fix Things Up PowerPoint Template is the name of an animated template for PowerPoint which provides different types of editable slides for making repair service presentations. Whether you are running a car repair service, a computer repair shop or some other type of business where you fix stuff up, this template can help you get […]

Animated Roads And Cars PowerPoint Templates

Traffic is symbolic for a lot of things, be it road safety, accidents, incoming ships to a dock, the number of logged in users to a network, etc. This is why using an Animated PowerPoint Template might make it easier to present traffic related trends in a presentation. Whether your presentation is about the road […]

Prepare Presentations For Health Care Using Awesome Medical PowerPoint Templates

Healthcare presentations require appropriate animations, clipart and a background that can set the right mood for the audience. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find good medical presentation templates, especially ones with animations. Below are some animated templates that you may find quite useful for making elaborate presentations for health care related topics.

Best Free And Premium Christmas PowerPoint Templates

Christmas is upon us once again and its time to make an adorable snowman with a carrot nose and to spread the Christmas cheers with some ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’. If you are looking to spread the holiday cheer with some interesting stories for young ones or need to wrap up that last minute presentation with […]

Finish Your PowerPoint Presentations With Animated Thank You Clipart

Thanking your audience is quite important once your presentation ends. However, a mere verbal “Thank You” isn’t enough as having a nice graphic or clipart on your final slide seems more professional. Below are some animated Thank You clipart that you can use in your PowerPoint slides to conclude your presentation in style.

PowerPoint Templates For Presentations On Taking Decisions

Making decisions is often like standing on the cross roads; where you might require making a decision to choose the path which may be most appropriate for you. On a less dramatic note; it’s; about making the decision that is most beneficial for you, such as investing in the next flying car project or sticking […]