Sequential slides and diagrams can be best represented using simple shapes that can be easy to grasp by an audience. The Hexagons PowerPoint Template is an animated template that can be quite useful for making such presentations.

This toolkit being an Animated PowerPoint Template displays hexagon pieces in numerous diagrammatic layouts. This template provides a number of exciting options that can be particularly helpful in developing business diagrams and for demonstrating complex ideas through animated slides, all of which are editable. Thus, the template can be extremely useful in the preparation of professional presentations for a wide range of topics.


Hexagon PoerPoint Template

Dynamic Slide Layouts

The PowerPoint Template provides extremely dynamic layouts that can be easily transformed by reorganizing the hexagon shapes. The pre-rendered animations can be utilized by simply adding text or inserting images to any given slide. Thus, when played in Slide Show Mode, the added content is played alongside the pre-rendered animations.

Hexagons For PowerPoint Presentations

Ideal for Sequential Slides

The template offers ideal slide designs that can come in handy during the making of sequential slides. Therefore, tasks such as generating timelines or production process diagrams can be accomplished conveniently with the help of this template.


Every feature of the template delivers as a separate item that can be maneuvered, copied, deleted or edited as desired comfortably. A 3D layout of hexagons with strings attached to every shape is available in any given slide. Moreover, apart from the available shapes, the strings can also be moved via drag and drop, which makes it easy to adjust them according to the requirement.

Ideal For Sequential Slides

Easily Customize Hexagon Colors

The Format Shape option (right-click on the shape in PowerPoint and go to Format Shape) allows the user to change the color of the hexagon shapes by changing the color of the given hexagon shapes.

Change Color Of Hexagons

Another way of editing the template is by choosing custom colors from the Presenter Media website before downloading the template. Once you have selected the colors required, simply click Customize to render a template with all your added adjustments.

Customize Hexagons ToolKit

Hexagons Toolkit is available for the following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint (PC)
  • PowerPoint (Mac)

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