PowerPoint Tab Toolkit Template is an awesome animated template by Presenter Media for presenting bullet points with the help of visually appealing animated slides. The template comes with clipart images and animations that are a perfect mix for displaying animated bullet points for any type of presentation topic, be it related to business, science, technology or even education.

Create Stunning Slides With Bullet Points

The PowerPoint Tab Toolkit Template provides an abundance of nice looking animated slides which can be edited by simply adding text and images. Once your content is added you can run your presentation in PowerPoint Slide Show mode to preview the result. All added content will play with the pre-rendered animations.


Tab Tool Kit Template for PowerPoint

The clipart within this template can be copied and used across slides and you can even customize the sample slides down to basic elements by using PowerPoint options from the Ribbon Menu.

Five Tab Layout for PowerPoint

Animated Numbered Lists With Subtitles

The template provides sample slides with both clipart items and numbered lists. However, you can change the numbers to anything else (e.g. alphabets) to suit your needs, as well as add subtitles below each list number.

Animated Bullet Lists


Make Comparison Slides With Bullet Lists

The template also offers a comparison layout for making bullet lists which can be compared within a single slide. Such bullet lists can be useful for comparing quarterly statistics, customer feedback for two products, sales results, etc. As mentioned earlier, you can also remove, replace and customize the given clipart within slides with great ease. This also includes the Two Tab Layout slide (shown below), which is quite suitable for making comparison slides. As is the case with any customizable template, you can add additional place holders and adjust the size of elements within each sample slide to expand or compress elements to suit your needs.

Animated Tab Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Tab Toolkit Template is compatible for both PowerPoint for PC and PowerPoint for Mac, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint for PC (2007, 2010 and 2013)
  • PowerPoint for Mac (2008 and 2011)

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