Many teachers use PowerPoint to deliver lectures and to engage students. Furthermore, PowerPoint can also be handy for creating lesson plans, especially with an appropriate template. The Pencil Toolkit for PowerPoint is an animated template that can be used for making lectures and lesson plans.

Animated PowerPoint Template for Teachers and Students

Being an educational PowerPoint Template, it can be used by not only teachers but also students, for creating anything from basic slides with text and images to timelines and statistical slides with graphs and tables.


pencil toolkit template for microsoft powerpoint

Create Infographic and Sequential Slides

The sample slides in this template come with pre-rendered animations and slide designs that can even be used for making infographic like slides. However, if you wish to create a comprehensive presentation with infographics, then you might find it more useful to use the Infographic PowerPoint Template.

infographic slides for microsoft powerpoint

You can mould the given slide designs according to your presentation topic for creating both static and animated slides, including sequential slides like timelines. The template offers a variety of layouts, including slide designs suitable for making single image slides. The placeholders in each slide are ample enough to assist you in crafting your slides, however, you can add additional textboxes, images and remove existing imagery to suit your needs.


single picture layout

Easy To Customize, Flexible Sample Slides With Animations

The animations in this template are quite flexible and can easily mix with your added text and images to create a unique slide designs, with ease. The checklist slides can be a good resource for making lesson plans and also to create animated checklists for presentations. Each item of the checklist will be marked (Tick) as you proceed with your presentation (in Slide Show mode).

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checklist slides

The Pencil Toolkit for PowerPoint works with:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac

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