Using puzzle pieces can be an interesting method for presenting your point of view during a presentation. Be it a presentation about business strategy, marketing, engineering or other similar topics, you can definitely add some class to your PowerPoint Slides by using puzzle pieces as symbolic imagery.

Connect The Piece PowerPoint Template

When making a presentation about finding a winning combination or emphasizing the need for more teamwork, you can make use of slides which show different objects coming together, as was the case with our previously reviewed 3D Crossword Puzzle PowerPoint Template. Connect The Piece PowerPoint Template gives you scope to create presentations on the aforementioned topics. This template provides animated, editable slides with puzzle pieces. This can help you incorporate interesting puzzle piece images to create anything from basic slides to timelines, picture slides and more.

Connect The Piece PowerPoint Template

Puzzle Pieces With Stick Figure Slides

This template is somewhat similar to the Puzzle Piece PowerPoint Template, however, it also provides images of stick figures to help you enhance your scope in presenting your ideas.

Puzzle Pieces And Stick Figures

Suitable For a Wide Range of Topics

As mentioned earlier, this template is quite suitable for making presentations for a wide range of topics, be it presentations about team building, teamwork, social or business networking, business, marketing, etc. Connect This Piece PowerPoint Template can be used for both Windows and Mac computers using the following versions of PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)

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Puzzle Piece Timeline Slide

Teamwork Pass Puzzle Pieces Animated Clipart

If you are looking for a nice GIF animation with puzzle pieces then this clipart can be quite handy. It shows different stick figures passing puzzle pieces. This is quite a generic clipart and can be moulded for a variety of presentation topics by adding your own text and associated images. Additionally, you can also download this animation in Flash or MOV format.

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Teamwork Pass Puzzle Pieces Animated Clipart

Team Puzzle Finish Clipart

This clipart can be downloaded in PNG or JPG format. It depicts two stick figures working together to insert a missing puzzle piece.

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Team Puzzle Finish Clipart