When laying out a map of a city during a presentation one may have to go through different slides explaining what part of the city lies where, followed by some detail about its routes and planning schematics. Such a presentation may be shown to tourists going on vacation (e.g. by a travel agency), to explain about city planning at an educational institute or when laying out plans for targeting a market segment in a specific city.

Create Interactive City Maps For PowerPoint Presentations

Interactive Cityscape PowerPoint Template is an interactive slide set for PowerPoint where you can jump between slides to display different sections of a city in a click.


Cityscape Interactive PowerPoint Template

Click A Building From The Opening Slide To Jump To The Slide Related To That Building

The template is like a toolkit with different interconnected slides which make it possible to comprehensively edit and redesign each slide using clipart and pre-rendered animations which come with the template. For example, let’s say you want to talk about a school building in a city during a presentation, in such a case clicking on the School image from the main slide will take you immediately to a slide containing all required information about the school.

House Slide For Presentations

Create Interactive City Maps For Your Presentations

When editing your slides you can format each slide individually by adding information about school in the school related slide and the hospital in the hospital related slide or change the titles of these slides to display a different type of building by adding your own images for it. Either way, clicking the building structure from the main slide will take you to the respective slide about that building, enabling you to jump between different slides from the opening slide, to create an interactive presentation.


Interactive Cityscape Template

Other than adding your own images, you can also make use of the different clipart images given within the template. The Interactive City PowerPoint Template is available for the following applications:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

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Buildings Clipart

Business Building Bar Growth Clipart

Other than the template mentioned above, you can also make use of this elegant clipart for city and building themed presentations. This clipart is available in JPG and PNG format and shows different building laid out like a bar chart showing growth of a building transforming from a small building to a skyscraper.

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Business Building Bar Growth Clipart