The Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint is a brilliant option for all those users who are looking to present their graphs with the help of animations and attractive graphics. This animated template comprises of infographic like slides that offer a new approach towards presenting bar charts. It also provides editable sample slides with layouts which are similar in nature to 3D bar charts. These slides are loaded with animations, clipart and graphics that can help the user in presenting a boring collection of statistical data in an extremely exciting manner.

Animated Graph Blocks Template


Display 3D Bar Charts as Infographics

The 3D bar chart shaped slide elements provide the user with all the necessary tools that are required to transform data to infographics and these slides can be easily modified. Even though graphs can also be inserted within the given PowerPoint slides, there might be very little need for that considering that the available clipart and images found in the sample slides can be put to very good use by merely populating the statistical data on the given placeholders. For instance, you can insert a title, label the bars and add/edit clipart images to generate a bar chart in the shape of an infographic slide.

Animated Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint

Make Infographics, Timelines and Bar Charts

It is important for the user to note that the slides with in the template are not charts by default and basically are a set of graphics, animations and clipart that can be adjusted to present statistical data. For example, if the user is looking to display 10% growth of a country’s population he or she can simply add 10% to a bar, add (or use an available) clipart image and provide other relevant content within the slide to explain the desired perspective.

Infographics Bar Chart Template for PowerPoint


There are also layouts in this template that can be extremely helpful in developing sequential slides such as timelines or process diagrams where different bars can be utilized to represent a sequence (through labeling of the bars).

Graph Blocks for PowerPoint

The Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint is available for:

  • PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 (Mac)

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