Presentations are empirical, visual, sensory and oral. Presenters need to make sure that delegates have the opportunity to rationalize, experience, see, think, discuss and listen the information you have explained in the presentation. The style you use in giving a presentation heavily impacts the result of your presentation. Likewise; some presentations like Keynote are meant to be jazzier. They are mainly long on big concepts and sometimes called ballroom presentations. They also incorporate an entertainment value and usually short on details.

On the other hand, other presentations such as: sales or internal presentations are very different. The aim is to train or persuade the listeners. These presentations are not meant to entertain and need more details including statistics and graphs which may be made in applications like PowerPoint.

Amazing PowerPoint Presentation Styles

The style you would use for sales presentation is different from the style you will use for Keynote. However, you must have noticed as a member of the audience that different presenters have different styles. Below is a list of some of the most famous presentation styles.

  1. The Steve Job’s style is very popular for his creative style of presenting. He uses a number of images punctuated with restricted text limitations than using bullet points.
  2. Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford Law School professor’s presentation style is imitated by several corporate presenters. His text always on black background and almost centered. His topics are serious and font sizes are paid diligent attention to.
  3. Al Gore speaks with passion and his slides are never with bullet points. He is actually not like the former US VP, Al Gore comes across as connected, animated and affable. It is very much true that he gets professional help from Duarte design, but his presentation style is his own.
  4. Ze Frank actually proved that technology and comedy gel well together. His PowerPoint presentations are insightful, entertaining and give an audience the opportunity of seeing humor. His presentation style is completely different as on the one hand, he is a comedian and on the other, he is a technical whiz.
  5. A naked presentation style allow the focus stay on the presenter and most importantly enables the audience to concentrate on the presentation material. But, to carry off such a style, the presenter requires making a connection with the listeners.
  6. Among Japanese business people, the Takahashi style is really popular. His presentations have high-recall values and very effective as well. His copyright style comprises of using large font black text on a white background which is stimulated with red, alternating between Japanese and English script.
  7. The Chairman and Managing Director of Garage technology Ventures is a prominent author and speaker. Kawasaki is his name and his presentations are dotted with humor and analogies. Thus, one can learn a lot from his presentation style which is just amazing.

Considering the above mentioned presentation styles, it’s time for you to start practicing now and adopt the style that works best for you and your audience.