Died on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs was widely known as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He was an inventor, marketer and entrepreneur who had made a noteworthy contribution in the present digital world. Small to mid size PR agencies, media, digital and advertising he had something to teach. He was also a great presenter who taught the peoples’ best ways to give perfect presentations.

Steve Jobs

For some of the world’s most prominent brands, he was a communications coach. He had the skills and expertise to not leave an audience bored and confused. Over a period of time, Steve Job’s Style became legendary, which now can be effectively used by business owners and educators. presentation skills became legendary, which now can be effectively used by business owners and educators. Cast a glance at some of the tips to sell your ideas in Steve Job’s style that is here as under:

  • A Steve Job’s presentation was always divided among three areas. Now, you must be thinking, why? Well, the human brain can only retain 3 clumps of information and he was fully aware about this principle. Thus, ask yourself the three important things that you can add in your presentation and stick to those 3  points not the 15 or 20 points.
  • When it comes to creating drama, he was a master at this technique. No doubt, each and every great drama has a villain and hero. Thus, your product and your brand play the role of hero and an antagonist is a villain. Therefore, you can make your audience rally around the hero and can easily influence their final decision.
  • Jobs was fully committed to change the world with his ideas. His passion was clearly seen in his presentations. And so, when you are about to deliver a presentation try to sell your dreams and not the products. Certainly, you will be on the way of luring the audience with your magical tactics.
  • He was very clear about what he had to say in his presentation. He always focused on telling about the advantages of a product and this is how he gained the customers. So, if you will make a connection with your audience no doubt you will achieve your dreams and that too in no time.

Henceforth, it’s very easy to learn these above mentioned techniques. However, it takes confidence to have fun on the stage during your presentation, to avoid vague business language to put a single word on the slide.

Try to use your story to light up the presentation room. Be electrifying and staggering. Surely, you will be on the way of making a huge positive difference in your professional life.