In any business, the power of stage presence goes a long way. Once you are up there in front of a crowd to deliver a speech, if you know how to handle yourself then your performance can be so much better. Stage presence refers to the certain charm and charisma that a performer possesses which allows him/her to command full attention of the audience.

Improve Stage Presence For Speeches


Imperatively, a good stage presence pulls the listeners into the performance of an individual. So, if you are preparing for a speech and are hitting the stage for the first time, with a desire to become a professional, then just follow these 3 magical ways to improve stage presence for speeches:

Do Not Stress On Little Mistakes

If you don’t make silly faces then those little mistakes would certainly go unnoticed. If the mistake has happened more than once, don’t get panic. If you are open to your mistakes, it will surely bring you something great. Also use appropriate resources and double-check the equipment and relevant content (where applicable). For example, you can use relevant PowerPoint Templates, such as our professionally made Business Templates for professional presentations.

Use Eye Contact

An important aspect of stage presence is eye contact especially if you are on a big stage.  Make sure your eyes are active and open as it will give your speech a sense of conviction and intent. Once in a while, try to look up and beyond since it gives the impression you are making an eye contact with the audience.

Don’t Apologize

When you are on stage, don’t ever try to apologize, even if you fall off the stage. You can simply get up and say that you have done that with some purpose. Likewise; you may say that whatever has happened, you have done that with an intention. No doubt, people will laugh and they will enjoy the show happily.


If you are observant, you will learn a lot, since it will give you a lot of ideas of what to eliminate and what to add in your speech. Also, you can practice in front of a mirror which will further add a certain amount of confidence in yourself.

The above mentioned are just some of the magical ways to improve your stage presence. However, if you will keep these things in mind no one can stop you to deliver a perfect speech while captivating the audience attention.