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Find articles on how to improve PowerPoint performance and PowerPoint tweaks to make awesome presentations and prepare good slide decks. You can learn how to use PowerPoint options including those to compress pictures and save space in your local or while sharing PowerPoint presentations in other sites like AuthorStream, SlideOnline or SlideShare.

Animated Gauge Diagrams For PowerPoint

Gauge or meter diagrams are handy for giving your audience an instant impression about a specific topic, be it a positive or negative impression. For example, a gauge that shows the arrow tilting towards the left can be a sign of bad performance and vice versa. But having a standalone gauge illustration isn’t necessarily enough […]

How to Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2010

If you use PowerPoint graphics or pictures in high resolution or you need to reduce the pictures for your slides that originally have a big size then it is a good idea to check the compression options available in PowerPoint, especially if you want to save some space and reduce the overall presentation size. In […]

How to Recover a PowerPoint Presentation File from the Temp folder

Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to protect their work by using the AutoRecover feature to periodically save a temporary copy of the presentation that he/she is working on. If the power goes out or computer stops responding unexpectedly, the AutoRecover feature may be able to recover user work automatically the next time user start PowerPoint. If […]