Creating a real impact on the audience is the prime motto of every speaker. Presenters formulate and adapt different techniques to deliver a great speech. Though there are several factors determining the success of a presentation but content plays an important role.

No matter how much time and energy you spend on picking right graphics, layouts and audio-visual aids, creating a right content for your presentation, is most important. Planning content for your PowerPoint Presentation is a must, before you actually design and develop your slides.

Planning Content For PowerPoint Presentations

Here are a few tips to help you create the best possible content for your PowerPoint presentations:

  • Conceptualizing an overall layout for your content should be your initial step. Try to create text outlines, and decide which important points should be included and which ones to flush out.
  • Knowing your audience is an essential key to good content. Analyzing your listeners can help you in deciding what type of content or information you should put up, so as to match their aptitudes.
  • Keep your information useful and concise; do not create data overload as it may confuse or irritate the audience.
  • While composing PowerPoint slides, try to keep the design simple and relevant. However, if you want to decorate your slides, you can do that scarcely, but in a suitable manner.
  • Font size and color should be consistent on all the slides, but make sure your choice is easily readable and appealing, because poor selections can shatter a presentation.
  • Important messages or key points in your presentation should be highlighted or kept in bullets, so that audience can catch your main points easily.
  • Though, presentations with visual aids are more persuasive, but always remember that visuals in PowerPoint presentation must be used in a harmonious way to enhance your content quality.
  • The famous saying by Ernest Hemingway “Prose is the architecture, not interior decoration” simply tells that the way you create your content, determines the success and failure of your presentation.
  • Usage of words should be done very carefully. Try to use short sentences so that audience can understand you easily
  • While preparing PowerPoint slides, make sure the information on one slide is relevant to the next, so as to maintain coherency.

Once you are done with all the content preparation, preview it to ensure that everything is in an organized manner. This way you can win the heart of your listeners, making your presentation a great success.