A famous political leader once wrote, “Being an influential orator takes work”. And it really does require commitment, effort and lots of practice. Some of you may argue that delivering business presentations is definitely not oratory. However, giving PowerPoint Presentation needs you to prepare well the subject matter so as to leave a mark on your audience.

This is the main reason as to why stress is being laid on improving communication skills that can complement content of your slides during presentations. It is because the design of your slides can incite your listeners only to a certain extent and the rest of the job is to be done by your oration to ensure that your presentation does not fall flat.

Tips For Effective Oration With PowerPoint

To make it even more clear, we have compiled a list of tips for effective oration with PowerPoint to help you enhance your skills. Take a brief overview to gain a deeper insight:

  • Take it To The Top Right From The Start: Make a conscious effort to engage your audience from the very beginning itself. As the initial few seconds are no less than a tie breaker so you must ensure that every element of your script, from beginning till the end is written in sync with your presentation.
  • Invest in Gestures: When it comes to communication skills during presentations, a lot is being said by your unspoken body language. So it is suggested to keep a check on your gestures. For instance, maintain eye contact with your audience, do not point out, pay an open ear to audience queries when presenting.
  • Word Selection Matters: The kind of words you choose can actually define the essence of your presentation. Therefore, always choose your words wisely in accordance with the mindset of public you are addressing and of course, the type of topic you have chosen.
  • The Art of Presentation: This is one aspect that almost every great orator in the history has taught us. So when speaking publicly, either at business presentations or honorary meetings, make sure that the way you speak shows your confidence and self-belief. Also, rehearse well before the day of delivery to avoid fumbling and other such hurdles.

For a business to succeed, it must be led by a good manager and for a leader to eventually achieve success, he should be a great presenter. So, use the requisite skill set within yourself so that the audience wants to listen to you when you speak.