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Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template

Arrows are used in diagrams, illustrations and charts to depict specific trends. Arrows are particularly handy when making presentations related to business or statistical trends of any kind. The Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template is a complete package when you might need using arrows to depict different aspects of your topic.

Robot PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Robot images and animations can be a useful way to create slides for futuristic or technology related presentation topics. They can add interest, visual appeal and can even be funny. The Boxy Robot Interface PowerPoint Template provides a robot animation which can be customized with your own text to create an impactful slide to impress your audience.

Product Launch And Marketing Strategies Template For PowerPoint

Presenting a product launch or your marketing strategies requires use of captivating content to instantly impress your audience and to keep their interest alive. This can include customers, senior management and even your subordinates. The Ready To Launch Presentation Template provides a set of attractive, animated slides that can be easily edited for making presentations related to […]

Train Tracks PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Train Tracks PowerPoint Template is a video background template which provides an editable animation in the form a PowerPoint slide. With this template you can create presentations on diverse topics ranging from travel, tourism, to nature, success, etc.

Business Cloud Skyscraper Video PowerPoint Template

Video templates for PowerPoint are not used as often as they should be. Such templates come with video backgrounds that are easy to customize for making standalone introductory slides or to create entire presentations with the help of a video background running in the backdrop.

Animated Teamwork Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

Nothing works well in an organization if there is no teamwork. Many organizations spend a lot of money for conducting team building sessions which can be helpful in enhancing productivity, creating better understanding among employees and to phase out possible misunderstandings. If you require making a presentation related to teamwork, then here is a list […]

Animated Technology PowerPoint Templates

Technology is a topic that is hard to elude. Be it BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, cloud backup or the use of modern technology for enhancing productivity and increasing sales; the need for updating your workforce about such trends is more frequently required than ever before. This is why managers, entrepreneurs, IT department officials […]

Red Earth PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Red Earth is an animation by Presenter Media which can be downloaded as an editable PowerPoint Template or in the form of QuickTime, FLV or WMV format.

Animated Target Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Hitting the target can signify reaching a quarterly goal, winning a sports competition, reaching an academic plan or depicting other forms of achievement. You can use appropriate PowerPoint Templates to present your topic with the help of animations about hitting the target or the bull’s eye.

Best Methods To Insert Videos in PowerPoint Presentations

Adding videos to PowerPoint presentations can help you perform half the job of presenting your ideas in a persuasive manner; as videos can have a deep visual and auditory impact on the audience. There are various methods by which you can insert videos in PowerPoint, including default options and with the help of third-party tools.

PowerPoint Template With Thief Running Across Rooftops in HD Animation

Presenter Media is well-known for coming up with innovative PowerPoint Templates, clipart and video backgrounds. Thief Text is yet another amazing video background by Presenter Media which can also be downloaded as an Animated PowerPoint Template with thief animation. The video animation can be customized with a specific text before downloading it which can include […]

Create Demos And Animated Videos Online With Wideo

Hiring professional help to create animated presentations, standalone animations or video demos can cost a fortune, luckily there are some very handy free web services that can help you make your own video animations with little effort. Wideo is a web service for making videos online by combining clipart, images, logos, text and backgrounds. Using […]