Sea, navigation, history and PowerPoint storyboards can be best made using attractive animations and the animation of a lighthouse might just help add some mystery and traction to your slides.

Lighthouse Fog Video Background for PowerPoint

The Lighthouse PowerPoint Template comes with a video animation of a lighthouse, amidst a foggy night sky. Whether you’re making a children’s presentation, PowerPoint storyboard, wish to elaborate upon navigational laws or are exploring historical topics related to wars at sea, this animated template can help you add visual appeal to your slides.


Lighthouse video background template

The template is downloadable as a single slide with an editable animation. You can also use the given placeholders to add your text to play out with the animation. Moreover, you can even add your own placeholders to insert text and images to the animated slide. To preview your changes, switch to Slide Show view to see how the animation plays out with your added content.

Lighthouse  PowerPoint template

To edit the duration of the animation, crop the video or add a new frame, effect or borders, you can use the PowerPoint Video Tools.


Lighthouse template for  PowerPoint

This video background template can be downloaded in multiple file formats, ranging from the PPTX version of PowerPoint to popular video formats. If you download the PPTX version, you can also duplicate the slides for making multiple slides from the same animation.

On the contrary, if you download the video files, you will require performing editing using a video editing software. The available video formats include MOV, Flash and WMV.

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Lighthouse animation for PowerPoint

Lighthouse Clipart for PowerPoint

This static lighthouse clipart is available in customizable format. You can change the clipart color, brightness and saturation before downloading it in a custom resolution. The available image formats for this clipart include PNG and JPG.

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Lighthouse clipart for PowerPoint