Robot images and animations can be a useful way to create slides for futuristic or technology related presentation topics. They can add interest, visual appeal and can even be funny. The Boxy Robot Interface PowerPoint Template provides a robot animation which can be customized with your own text to create an impactful slide to impress your audience.

Robot Animation With Customizable Text

Like the previously reviewed Animated Robot PowerPoint Template, this template too comes with an interesting robot themed animation, which is easy to customize to suit your presentation needs.


customize boxy robot template for powerpoint

To customize the text, go to the developer’s website via the link given at the end of this post, go to the Custom Text tab, enter your desired text and click Customize Item.

robot interface presentation template

Edit Video Animation Template in PowerPoint

Once you have entered a title and subtitle, and customized your slide, you can download it as a PPTX file and edit it using PowerPoint. The PowerPoint Video Tools in particular can be quite handy to edit the video animation. Furthermore, you can insert your own text boxes and images to further personalize the template. To generate multiple slides from this video animation, simply duplicate the sample slide.


robot powerpoint template

Download Animation as a Standalone Video

You can also download the Boxy Robot Interface animation as a standalone video with your custom text. After you have personalized your animation (as shown in the first screenshot), you will be able to download it in PPTX, FLV, WMV or MOV format. Downloading the animation as a video can be quite useful for a number of reasons, as you can use it in personal projects, on a website, in a blog post and extensively edit it using a video editing software.

boxy robot interface video animation

You can download the Boxy Robot Interface Video Template with customizable text in these formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Video Formats (WMV, MOV and FLV)

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