For presentations that require some novelty, concepts like caves and caveman can help you symbolically present ideas with a fresh take on an old and boring topic. We have compiled some interesting Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as a customizable video animation that you can incorporate in your presentations related to business, technology, history and a range of other topics.

Caveman clipart and animations for PowerPoint


Caveman Video Animation with Custom Text

The customizable caveman video animation can be customized with your own text and then downloaded in PowerPoint or video format for use in presentations, blog posts, YouTube videos and the like.

The developer’s website provides easy customization options for replacing the sample text with your own, to spell your own message on the cave wall.

Customize caveman video animation

After customizing the animation, you can download it as a PowerPoint, Flash, QuickTime Video or WMV file. The below screenshot shows the PPTX version of the template.


Go to Presenter Media – Caveman Video Animation with Custom Text

caveman video animation

Evolution Clipart for PowerPoint

This business themed clipart shows a stick figure transforming into a business professional. You can download this clipart as a JPG or PNG image in a desired resolution via the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Evolution Clipart for PowerPoint


Evolution clipart for PowerPoint

Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint

This is another static clipart with a caveman. This stick figure clipart can be customized by changing the color, saturation, reflection and brightness of the image before it is downloaded. You can grab this clipart in a desired resolution from Presenter Media.

Go to Presenter Media – Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint

Caveman clipart for PowerPoint

Caveman Laptop Clipart

This static clipart shows a caveman looking at a laptop. You can use this clipart for many suitable topics, such as for technology themed presentations. This caveman clipart is also available in PNG and JPG image formats.

Go to Presenter Media – Caveman  Laptop Clipart

Caveman laptop clipart