Red Earth is an animation by Presenter Media which can be downloaded as an editable PowerPoint Template or in the form of QuickTime, FLV or WMV format.

Suitable For A Wide Range of Presentation Topics

This animation shows a rotating red earth and can be used for technology, environment or political presentation topics, as well as for topics where a globe related to a specific color may be suitable. This is because you can even edit the color of the globe from red to a desired color.


Red Earth Video Animation

Customize Animation Color And Download it in PowerPoint or Video Format

Before downloading this animation you can even customize the color of the template using the given options at the Presenter Media website. After you have changed the color, saturation and brightness, you can download the animation in PowerPoint or video format.

Customize Red Earth Video Background

Comprehensively Customize Animation Using PowerPoint

Other changes can be made by downloading the PPTX (PowerPoint) file, which comes with placeholders for adding your own content. Once you have added your own text and images to the sample slide, the video animation of the rotating globe will play with your custom text and images when you switch to PowerPoint presentation mode (Slide Show mode). Furthermore, you can also edit the video animation by trimming it or by making color corrections, adding a poster frame, video effects, etc. All this can be done using the PowerPoint Video Tools.


Trim Red Earth Video Animation

Video Version of Animation Works With All Types of Video Editing Tools

In case you wish to download the video version of this animation, you can manipulate the video using a video editing software and even upload it to a website or use it in a project. The downloaded video is generic in nature and simply shows a globe rotating in a color of your choosing (the default color is red). This leaves ample scope for importing the video to an editing application for customization.

Red Earth Video Background

The Red Earth animation works with the following types of applications:

  • PowerPoint 2007-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09
  • Video Editing Software

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