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Animated Hourglass PowerPoint Templates

An hourglass is a powerful symbol for depicting time. It has been used for ages in books, movies and animations for representing time and adding a touch of mystery to a subject. If your presentation has aspects related to time that you want to elaborate upon, then an hourglass can be a good way to […]

Drowning PowerPoint Video Animations

When you think of a company in peril, a country undergoing a crisis or a life going downhill due to bad decision making on behalf of an individual, drowning comes to mind. The idea that things are so bad that everything seems to be sinking in water. This concept can be depicted quite easily in a […]

Stairway PowerPoint Templates With Video Animations

A stairway can help represent many kinds of presentation topics. A stairway illustration can be a symbolic representation for success, progress, achievements, hope, etc. If you intend to use a ‘stairway’ background as a theme for your presentation then what can be even more powerful than a stairway illustration would be an animation depicting stairways.

Animated Spy PowerPoint Templates

Data security, privacy and network security are hot topics in the field of information technology. Corporate espionage, hacking attempts and malware issues are more common than one might think. To address such issues and other types of espionage related topics you can add the 007 touch to your PowerPoint slides. The Animated Spy PowerPoint Templates […]

Animated Compass PowerPoint Template

If you want to cover topics related to success, motivation, strategy, career or navigation, a compass can be a good symbolic reference. The Success Compass PowerPoint Template comes with a video animation of a compass pointing towards the word ‘success’.

Animated Traffic PowerPoint Template

Traffic, transportation, freight, travel, accidents and a range of other topics cross cut the traffic theme. The Animated Traffic PowerPoint Template depicts a video animation of heavy traffic on the freeway, with animated slides providing sample, editable presentation content.

Animated Clouds Backgrounds For PowerPoint

We have been covering animated templates and video backgrounds over the years for our readers. Among the various template types and backgrounds we have been compiling templates related to business, science, nature, project management, etc. This time we have compiled a list of Animated Clouds Backgrounds for PowerPoint users.

Earth Video Background Templates For PowerPoint

Need an earth themed presentation template which can help make your dull content look sharp and attractive? Try a video background template! Below are suggested Earth Video Background Templates for PowerPoint with animations that can be customized to create awe inspiring presentations. The video backgrounds mentioned below can be downloaded in PowerPoint, Flash, WMV and […]

Animated Earth Scape PowerPoint Video Background Template

Earth Scape PowerPoint Video Background Template provides a single animated slide of a rotating earth image, with two smaller planets on each side. The animation appears to be a futuristic digital schematic of planet Earth being displayed on a digital screen.

Eclipse Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Video background templates can have a powerful impact on an audience as the animated or recorded imagery customized with your text and logo can help you better present your perspective. Here are some amazing Eclipse Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint that you can customize for making your presentations.

Animated Magic Fortune Ball PowerPoint Template

Looking for an interesting method to grab the attention of your audience? Try some magic! The Animated Magic Fortune Ball PowerPoint Template provides a customizable video animation for PowerPoint.

Caveman Clipart And Video Animation For PowerPoint

For presentations that require some novelty, concepts like caves and caveman can help you symbolically present ideas with a fresh take on an old and boring topic. We have compiled some interesting Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as a customizable video animation that you can incorporate in your presentations related to business, technology, history […]