Diversity is a theme which has caught up in recent years. As people around the world celebrate diversity, you can incorporate the concept with this Animated Diversity PowerPoint Template in the form of your presentation slides. This template has diverse slide layouts, covering different ethnic groups in slide designs.

Animated diversity PowerPoint template

Representation for Various Ethnic Groups

The template gives figures representing various ethnic groups to help you incorporate the theme of diversity in your presentations. You can represent people from different countries, ethnicity and cultures by adding relevant text to the editable slides.


Different ethnicity represented

COVID-19 Slide Designs

There is also a COVID-19 themed concept explored within slides with some characters wearing masks. You can add a theme like ‘education in times of COVID-19’ to create a slide deck which covers diversity, education and the need for maintaining precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19. For example, you can use these themes for a presentation for school.

Celebrate diversity

Customize Standard Illustrations

You can copy the characters within slides and edit the sample, animated illustrations. The template is editable enough to enable anything from basic to massive customization. The animations can be adjusted in case you want to alter the default animated sequence given by the developer.


People of color

Diversity Related Themes

The template contains a number of diversity related slogans, illustrations and sample layouts that you can use for your presentations. Furthermore, you can add your own headings and images to create slides that depict the perspective you are looking to incorporate in your slides.

Diversity slide design

The template contains as many as seven slides with a wide variety of customizable content for you to use as a toolkit. You will also find some help from the instructions given after the seven sample slides. These slides provide screenshots and explanatory text to help you customize the animated slide layouts in the template.

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