If you want a PowerPoint template which can help make your slides appear cheerful and interesting, you might want to try your hands at incorporating stars in them. What about neon stars? The Animated Neon Stars PowerPoint Template is all about adding some cheer to your slide content, with colorful, animated slides.

animated neon stars powerpoint template

Smiling Neon Stars

The template has a consistent outlook, depicting smiling neon stars and neon themed content across sample slides. You can select to edit out individual objects and reorganize them according to need.


smiling neon stars

Editable Neon Layouts

The neon layouts come with blue and white background designs, appearing much like neon signs during the night or daytime, amidst a sky like background color. You can drag to reorder and redesign slides or simply use the default placeholders for making them. The slides contain animations which are already set within them. Once you add anything to the sample slides, they mix with the animations and play out in Slide Show mode in animated form.

neon text

You can create lists and comparisons or incorporate your own charts or diagrams to create slides according to need. The editability of the template makes it quite handy for all kinds of presenters, be it professional users, students or people looking to create quick neon themed designs for their blogs, websites or video streaming channels, using PowerPoint.


neon comparison slide

Animated Slides with Neon Symbols

There are slides with alphabets, numbers and symbols designed like neon signs. These can be copied for incorporation in your slides. Using the sample slides with these individual objects, you can edit and create slides to match your branding requirements. Each object can be selected individually and expanded or reduced in size according to need. All symbols, digits and alphabets give the shiny neon effect.

neon alphabet

To download this template with smiling neon stars and signs, head over to the developer’s product page. This template is available for all the latest editions of both PC and Mac version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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