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Animated SOS PowerPoint Template

SOS is the internationally recognized Morse code for distress. SOS is now associated with not just distress but also as a symbolic reference for someone asking for ‘help’. The Animated SOS PowerPoint Template provides just the right type of slides for you to make presentations on subjects like, distress, disaster, relief, disaster response and rehabilitation. […]

Social Networking Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Social networks and social media has become the essential part of the lives of many individuals around the globe. Social networking websites now have billions of users, with endless opportunities for marketing and making new connections. If you want to make a presentation about social networking, we have just the template for you. The Social […]

Animated Diamond Shapes PowerPoint Template

If you need something unique and eye-catching for your next presentation, you might want to check out the Animated Diamond Shapes PowerPoint Template. This template delivers unique presentation layouts with animated sequences.

Hands Holding Letters And Signs PowerPoint Template

Some presentations can be made meaningful by simply representing just a few words popping up on the screen. You can use signboard animations or cleverly designed placeholders with custom text for this very purpose. Similarly, you can depict billboards with images to deliver your message to an audience. The Hands Holding Letters and Signs PowerPoint Template […]

Animated Business Excellence PowerPoint Template

A company requires going through various phases of intervention and planning to launch a product, sustain market share and make a profit. This includes; planning, marketing, brainstorming, setting project timelines, etc. The Animated Business Excellence PowerPoint Template depicts all these phases in the form of animated PowerPoint slides.

Animated Factory Product Process PowerPoint Template

It’s hard to find a template that can depict an assembly line or factory process with eye-catching graphics. The Animated Factory Product Process PowerPoint Template is an exception. The template not only provides assembly line slide designs but delivers animations that show the conveyor belts in action.

Animated Stethoscope PowerPoint Template

The most common image attributed with doctors and the medical field is a stethoscope. This is why using a stethoscope themed presentation template might just be the best way to reach out to an audience when presenting a medical presentation. The Animated Stethoscope PowerPoint Template can help you make medical and healthcare related presentations with […]

Animated Map Destinations PowerPoint Template

Making custom maps using PowerPoint shapes isn’t all that easy, however, using a readymade template can help you design your own custom maps. The Animated Map Destinations PowerPoint Template provides customizable sample maps with a set of 3 to 6 destinations in the form of different editable maps. There is also sample clipart to help […]

Animated Image Layouts For PowerPoint

Adding images to slides can be a bit tricky. Adding too many images can make your slides confusing, unless you have placed them in a way that is easy to grasp for your audience. You can make your slides more interesting and meaningful by using animated image layouts for PowerPoint. Simple Image Layouts is a template for […]

Animated Pointer Connections PowerPoint Template

Animated Pointer Connections PowerPoint Template gives layouts with a main command point with arrows branching out. You can use the various layouts for designing your presentation by editing out the customizable objects within each sample slide.

Animated Garden PowerPoint Template

For presenters looking to make presentations about gardening, environmental conservation, the ecosystem, or sustainable development, a template with images of beautiful green plants can be quite a suitable fit. The Animated Garden PowerPoint Template is just the template for making presentations related to gardening, the environment and conservation.

Interactive Business Deal PowerPoint Template

You might be planning your next business deal and might want to run your colleagues through the nitty-gritty details regarding their roles. This might include a preparation for presenting a project proposal or a plan for an upcoming venture. In such a case you are likely to have more success if you make a presentation. […]