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Animated Wheel Chart PowerPoint Template

A wheel is used in making charts and depicting future trends for concepts such as Futures Wheel. You can use a wheel illustration for creating anything from a pie chart to timelines, forecasts and infographics. The Animated Wheel Chart PowerPoint Template gives animated wheel illustrations for making your charts forecasts, infographics and more.

Animated Diversity PowerPoint Template

Diversity is a theme which has caught up in recent years. As people around the world celebrate diversity, you can incorporate the concept with this Animated Diversity PowerPoint Template in the form of your presentation slides. This template has diverse slide layouts, covering different ethnic groups in slide designs.

Animated Point A to B Timeline for PowerPoint

Making an interesting PowerPoint timeline is not an easy job. People can easily dose off when a presenter switches to a timeline. To make your timeline interesting, you can use the symbolism of Point A to B using the Animated Point A to B Timeline for PowerPoint.

Animated Teaching Basics PowerPoint Template

Many teachers like to use basic PowerPoint backgrounds for their presentations. This helps them focus on the subject and avoid effects which might deviate their students from the core content. However, adding few relevant illustrations and subtle animations can help make those plain backgrounds interesting. Animated Teaching Basics PowerPoint Template is a dark background template […]

Stay Safe Animated COVID-19 Clipart for PowerPoint

In the wake of the spread of COVID-19, the motto has been stay home, stay safe. You can incorporate this concept in your PowerPoint presentations with the help of our pick for the Stay Safe Animated COVID-19 Clipart for PowerPoint.

Animated Teaching PowerPoint Template

Due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), online teaching has become a necessity around the world. For this purpose, teachers require presentation templates which can help them visually connect with students during online classes. Other than the various free PowerPoint templates available at SlideHunter, the Animated Teaching PowerPoint Template can be used for […]

Animated Rounded Arrow Timeline for PowerPoint

Timeline PowerPoint templates can help save time in creating timelines for presenting historical information, trends, forecasts, project milestones, etc. The Animated Rounded Arrow Timeline for PowerPoint gives rounded timeline slide designs with arrow shapes and editable slide elements.

Animated Neon Stars PowerPoint Template

If you want a PowerPoint template which can help make your slides appear cheerful and interesting, you might want to try your hands at incorporating stars in them. What about neon stars? The Animated Neon Stars PowerPoint Template is all about adding some cheer to your slide content, with colorful, animated slides.

Animated Techy Design PowerPoint Template

There are PowerPoint templates which are minimalist but not very usable and then there are templates which can help you do a lot more than an average template with minimalist designs. A technology theme design with random lines might not seem much, however, with a flat design and animated slides, the Animated Techy Design PowerPoint Template […]

Slides Carnival: Free Google Slides Templates

While there are many websites which provide free PowerPoint templates, there are few which offer templates which can be used on Google Slides. Usually, a template for PowerPoint is compatible with Google Slides as Google Slides improved the compatibility with .pptx files. However, few developers provide something which is optimized for this presentation platforms. One […]

Animated Coronavirus Infographic PowerPoint Template

The year 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of the Novel Coronavirus. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has reared its head, everyone has been affected in some way. Be it due to the slowdown in global economy or because of the way people have suffered due to the spread of the pandemic. It […]

Animated Chevron Timeline for PowerPoint

Timelines, especially animated ones can be a great way of showcasing the necessary information in a format where the timeline loads systematically. Instead of immediately showing a single image that the audience has to make sense of, you can gradually load your timeline using animations. To make your job easy, you can use the Animated […]