Water related imagery and animations often provide a serene sense to the viewer, as they reflect calmness and tranquility. This is why incorporating such imagery in a presentation can help you relax your audience and deliver your message more effectively.

Rain Drops Themed PowerPoint Template

The Animated Rain Drops PowerPoint Template can be used for a number of presentation topics, ranging from weather and environment related subjects to professional presentations related to business, finance, marketing strategies, etc.


Rain Drops PowerPoint template

Customize Slides to Match Your Presentation Topic

The slide layouts are easy to customize according to your requirements and the rain drops depicted in the sample slides can be symbolically used to reflect various types of ideas, trends and comparisons.

Animated rain drops slide

Animated and Static Slide Designs

The template contains animated and static slides to give the presenter a wide range of options when making a presentation. The template has various sample placeholders to help you add content, however, you can add or remove more placeholders as you like. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the animations getting messed up, as they will complement your content when you switch to Slide Show mode in PowerPoint.


Rain drops template for PowerPoint

Rain Drop Charts

The template also contains rain drop themed charts to help you creatively present your statistical data. The given sample chart slides are eye-catching and novel enough to help you keep your audience interested in the stats that you are presenting. At the same time the serene water drop layout can be helpful in leaving a calm psychological effect on your audience.

Rain drop bar chart

Other than blue rain drops, some slides also provide images of white rain drops, which can help you avoid looking monotonous when presenting your content.

White rain drop slide design

This rain drops themed presentation template is available for the below mentioned applications and operating systems:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Apple’s Keynote for iPad and Mac

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