Fall is a season filled with elegance and a kind of unexplained euphoria that emanates from the sight of falling leaves. Fall is also the season for various celebrations and events like Thanksgiving and Halloween. If you want to make presentations regarding the fall season, want to capture elements of Autumn in your slides or want to create professional presentations for business related purposes with the falling leaves animation, then we have a template just for you.

Falling Leaves Template for PowerPoint

This Autumn PowerPoint Template provides an opening slide with falling leaves animation. To customize this slide, simply add your own title and subtitle. You can also insert your own images which will play with the given animation.


Animated Autumn PowerPoint template

 Suitable for Any Type of Presentation Topic

As the slides are generic, they can be easily manipulated for any type of presentation topic. The PowerPoint layouts are flexible enough to accommodate not only text heavy slides but also comparison slides, charts, picture pages, etc.

Autumn template for PowerPoint

Create Presentations With Elegant Backgrounds

As mentioned earlier, you can use this template for a variety of topics, including environmental and nature related topics and even for professional presentations for official use. For example, you can make use of the animations to talk about the next financial quarter, use the editable charts for displaying your important data and create comparison slides regarding the performance of your team during the fall season.


Elegant Autumn background

The below image shows a doughnut chart. You can easily edit the chart slides in this template to accommodate your data.

This animated Autumn themed template can be downloaded for the below mentioned applications:

  • PowerPoint for PC and Mac
  • Keynote for iOS (iPad) and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Falling Leaves PowerPoint Template


Autumn chart slide

 Jumping Leaves Animated Clipart

This is an excellent clipart animation which can be downloaded as a GIF image for use in your presentations. It shows three dancing Autumn leaves.

Three jumping leaves animated clipart

You can also download this animation as a video file in Apple’s QuickTime format or as a Flash animation.

Go to Presenter Media – Jumping Leaved Animated Clipart

Falling leaves animation