Mind mapping can be done using a variety of tools, ranging from web apps like Gliffy to mobile apps like Corkulous and Doodlecast. In a previous post we explained the various benefits of making mind maps in PowerPoint; this time we will provide you with a review of a very handy animated template which can be used for making animated mind maps in PowerPoint.

Create Animated PowerPoint Mind Maps

The Animated Mind Map Template for PowerPoint is not just a presentation template, as you can also use it for recording your ideas, organizing them in the form of  sequential diagrams and for sharing them with others to build upon your mind maps (e.g. during brainstorming sessions).


Animated mind map template for PowerPoint

Add Your Ideas to Create Professional Looking Presentations

As shown above, the template starts with an introductory slide where you can add your own title and logo. This is followed by a range of slides which provide animated mind maps which you can populate with your own content. The populated mind maps when played as a PowerPoint Slide Show will merge with the animations to provide you with a professional looking presentation with your mind maps.

Create animated mind maps in PowerPoint

Reveal Your Mind Maps in a Set Sequence

When you play the mind maps in Slide Show mode, portions of the mind map are revealed in a set sequence. The sample slides are laid out in such a way that all added content is displayed one after the other. The mind maps also come with indicators marking the beginning and end of each map. Needless to say, you can also use this template for making concept maps.


Simple mind map slide

Multiple Mind Map Layouts

The template contains more than one mind map design which gives the presenter the flexibility to make use of more than one min mapping layout to ensure that the presentation does not appear monotonous.

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Concept map for PowerPoint


Static and Animated Slide Sets

The template contains slide sets for both animated and static slides. The first 15 slides are animated, whereas the rest of the slides provide static variants for the same slides. So, in case you do not wish to use the animated version of the slides, you can choose the static versions as per your convenience.

Mind map doodle

This animated mind map template for PowerPoint can be downloaded for:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Mac and Windows)
  • Apple’s Keynote  (Mac and iOS)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Mind Map Template for PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Mind Map Template for PowerPoint (Widescreen)