It’s always nice to have some Clipart images at your disposal that you can use for the holiday season and Christmas celebrations. However, when making professional presentations it’s always good to be able to add your own custom message and branding to the content. Fortunately, it is much easier to do that than you might think.

Holiday Season and Christmas Clipart With Custom Message

Instead of going through the hassle of using complex image manipulation tools like PhotoShop you can simply generate your own clipart at Presenter Media. While Presenter Media has a variety of custom clipart and PowerPoint Templates for Christmas and other occasions, we will demonstrate the process of generating Christmas clipart with a custom message, using the Custom Festive Christmas Star Clipart.


Note: Download links for generating customizable Christmas and Holiday Season clipart are given at the end of this post.

Customizable holiday season clipart

Choose a Custom Resolution and Image Format

The Sample and Downloads tab (as shown below) already provides options for adjusting the Shadow, Reflection and Size of the clipart. You can also chose the image format you want to download the clipart in, i.e. JPG or PNG.

Customizable Christmas clipart


Add Custom Message

To add a custom message, go to the Customize Your Message tab and use the given textboxes to add your custom message. Once done, click Customize Item to generate your custom clipart.

Add custom message to clipart

Add Shapes and Images

In case you wish to make more adjustments, you can also add shapes and images from your computer or mobile device. Other customization options include; Text Tools, Fonts, New Text (for adding additional text boxes to the clipart), Stroke and Shadow adjustment settings, as well as buttons to Duplicate a layer or Reset the image.

Insert Christmas symbols to clipart


Download The Clipart for Use in Presentations

After you are done with your customization, click Customize Item, the clipart will be rendered and become ready for download. You can use the downloaded clipart in your presentations and even for use in blog posts, banner ads, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Happy Holidays Clipart

Go to Presenter Media – Christmas Star Banner Clipart

Go to Presenter Media – Custom Festive Christmas Star Clipart

Go to Presenter Media – Custom Festive Christmas Circle Banner Clipart

Clipart with custom message for Christmas