In order to quickly design a nice PowerPoint Presentation, there are various tools that you may use. There is a built in color scheme that comes standard in each Microsoft PowerPoint theme and adds color to your presentation. Further on, it helps the audience to get a fair understanding about what you are presenting.

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Undoubtedly, more than colors nothing can bring about the feel and look of your presentation. Thus, if you are confused about how to choose color scheme for PowerPoint Presentations, then don’t fret. Caste a glance at some of the below mentioned points that are here as under:

  • Always select a color that you like the most as color highlights information, persuades, motivates and communicates. Not just this, make sure the colors contrast well and is complimentary as well. Thus, it’s best to allow your selected tool to create matching colors accordingly.
  • To enable you to extract colors, there are some marvelous online tools available on the web. No doubt, good images boast a natural arrangement of colors. Therefore, the image could get simply feature on your presentation’s title page perfectly. You can use the Adobe Kuler iPhone or web app to create color schemes, as well as find color schemes shared by other users. Alternatively, you can also use Collor for the job.
  • If you carefully choose a palette of colors then certainly you will be able to make sophisticated and professional presentations. Even you may use the corporate logo by taking a hi-res image of your organization’s logo and the same process will continue as you would do with an image.
  • When your presentation has a dark background, you can simply assign the dark black color in the primary color scheme and vice versa. In the custom tab, you can also make your own colors as per your requirements.

Now, you must be wondering, how to create a color scheme in Microsoft PowerPoint. Well, you just have to click on the ribbon to open the Design tab, choose a color scheme, click the button for a particular color you want to change, click the color you like, recolor the document and choose save.

Select Color Scheme in PowerPoint

Henceforth, by following the above mentioned points you will be in a position to choose the best color that compliments your PowerPoint Slides.