If you are looking to discuss business, success, goals and motivation in your presentation, how about adding a ladder to your slides? Animated Climbing for Success PowerPoint Template comes with success themed slides with the analogy of a figure climbing out of a box using a ladder.

The template starts with a slide that depicts the animation of a figure using a ladder to escape a box. This can be a good way to explain a topic about getting out of a difficult situation, about business success or thinking outside the box.


Animated climbing for success PowerPoint template

Editable Infographic Slide Layouts

There are various slides which can be used for making your own custom infographics by using the box and ladder analogy. You can also show stats, create comparisons and use anecdotes in your presentation by customizing these slides.

Climbing ladder infographics

The slide shown in the image below can be used for making anything from a comparison slide or infographic to a project timeline or roadmap. The elements are available in editable format and you can drag to rearrange objects. Some elements come linked to animations, so you might want to review the animations before making radical changes to slides.


Ladder infographics for PowerPoint

How you edit the slides to shape a narrative according to your presentation topic is entirely your choice. The slides give the flexibility to create something unique and eye-catching by making use of animated slides and various handy layouts. You can also copy clipart from the slides to recreate or edit the slides.

Stats infographic slide design for PowerPoint

There are a number of interesting animations in this template that can help you create eye-catching slides. You can use the slides like the one shown below to discuss trends, forecasts and to construct charts using the given illustrations.

Climbing ladder comparison slide

This box and ladder themed template can be an interesting addition to your go-to templates to create slides that stand out. You can use the animated illustrations to add a fresh perspective to conventional presentation topics. The slides for this template can be previewed and downloaded from the link below.

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